GB SURVTEK - Spectra UL633 Universal Laser

Spectra UL633 Universal Laser

Spectra UL633 Universal Laser


  • Leveling accuracy: +-0.5mm per 10m
  • Grade accuracy: +-1.0mm per 10m
  • Operating range: 800m with detector
  • Grade range (Y;X): +-25% both axes (not simultaneously)
  • RC603 Remote
  • Power: NiMH Battery pack
  • Out of level warning:  Yes
  • Self leveling:  Yes

  • Leveling concrete forms and footers
  • Vertical alignment such as anchor bolt and form alignment
  • Dual slope grading and steep slope excavating
  • Slope work for sports fields, tennis courts, driveways, parking garages, ramps
  • Automatic alignment for pipe laying
  • Measuring unknown slopes in existing pipes
  • Layout of walls
  • Installation of drop ceilings

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